Is your site ready for Google’s new Algorithm May 2021?

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As a website owner, you may have heard about Google’s plans to update its algorithm this year to include factors called Core Web Vitals. In May 2021 Google will add Core Web Vitals to its ranking algorithm, focusing on a site’s technical user experience metrics.  

These factors include your website’s loading speed, input/interactivity timing and visual stability. For website owners concerned with organic search traffic, understanding these signals and prioritizing the necessary changes to reach Google’s “good” rating will be a priority before May 2021. To this, the team at Getty Images and iStock is providing partners with guidance on where to focus your efforts to improve your SEO. We have found value in the following guides and materials by Google and recommend you evaluate them for your sites as well. 


The original Google announcement

How to measure, Google Search Console – Core Web Vitals reporting

Google’s Web Vitals website on improving customer experiences

How to optimize for CWV

CLSUX design and using placeholders for any requests that take more than 500ms  

Example CSS layout fix for CWV


Structured data

Javascript SEO tips 

Debugging Javascript SEO issues

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