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New Spring Banners!

Spring 2021 is officially in full motion and we’re excited to announce our new banners for Spring 2021!

Our creative services team has created different banners in various sizes for you to use and promote iStock. We have banners that promote promocodes and iStock’s Unique Selling Points. The banners can be found easily in Impact Radius by Searching for ”2021 Spring”. Please let us know if you have any questions at all.

If you have questions, please let us know.


Is your site ready for Google’s new Algorithm May 2021?

As a website owner, you may have heard about Google’s plans to update its algorithm this year to include factors called Core Web Vitals. In May 2021 Google will add Core Web Vitals to its ranking algorithm, focusing on a site’s technical user experience metrics.  

These factors include your website’s loading speed, input/interactivity timing and visual stability. For website owners concerned with organic search traffic, understanding these signals and prioritizing the necessary changes to reach Google’s “good” rating will be a priority before May 2021. To this, the team at Getty Images and iStock is providing partners with guidance on where to focus your efforts to improve your SEO. We have found value in the following guides and materials by Google and recommend you evaluate them for your sites as well. 


The original Google announcement

How to measure, Google Search Console – Core Web Vitals reporting

Google’s Web Vitals website on improving customer experiences

How to optimize for CWV

CLSUX design and using placeholders for any requests that take more than 500ms  

Example CSS layout fix for CWV


Structured data

Javascript SEO tips 

Debugging Javascript SEO issues

Feel free to reach out to the affiliate team with any questions!


Q1 2021 Sale

We’re excited to share that the iStock Q1 End-of-Quarter sale will launch this Monday, March 15th – Friday, March 19th. For one week only all customers can save 20% off everything with code SAVE20

The sale assets have already been activated and can be found on Impact Radius.

Please note this offer is not valid in: India; Russia; Indonesia;
Turkey; Thailand; Colombia; Malaysia; Ukraine; Argentina;
Vietnam; Peru; Chile; Nigeria


Q4 2020 End of Quarter Sale

As the season of giving approaches, consider giving back to your audience. Starting on Cyber Monday, November 30th, iStock is offering 20% of everything with code SAVE20!

Let your audience know how they can save 20% next week using the offer details below:

  • The code is valid from November 30th till Friday, December 4th
  • Use code SAVE20 for 20% of everything

Banners will be available in your Impact Account by searching on SAVE20 Sunday the 29th.

Let us know if you have any questions.

*Please note, this promotion is not available in the following regions: Colombia​, Peru​, Indonesia, India​, Russia​, Thailand, Vietnam, TurkeyPhilippinesChileArgentinaNigeriaMalaysiaand Ukraine. Contact the iStock team if your audience is predominantly located in these regions. 


iStock Affiliate Offers Q4 2020

Start promoting iStock today by showcasing our iStock affiliate offers! Both offers are live until the end of 2020, and we will keep you updated with any refreshes for 2021.

Offer 1:

  • 15% off monthly subscriptions
  • Live until Dec 31st 2020

Offer 2:

  • 10% off all credit packs
  • Code: iSTOCK10
  • Live until Dec 31st 2020

You can find promotional text links in Impact by searching the code names under the ‘labels’ field when navigating to the ad section.

For any questions, or if you’re interested in promoting an exclusive offer in return for increased exposure, please get in touch!

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